CMS Course Descriptions

Level One

English 201/202: Accelerated Academic English I and II— 4 units (each semester)

In this special program for first-time freshmen who have just graduated from high school, students participate in a year-long learning community to work intensively on developing and practicing the academic literacy and critical thinking skills needed for success in university course work. English 201 emphasizes essential skills including academic reading, writing, vocabulary building and editing techniques. English 202 builds on these skills while focusing on formal academic essay writing. These courses are taken concurrently with English 208 (fall) and English 212 (spring). 

English 204: Effective Literacy Skills for College — 3 units

This course prepares students who are not first-time freshmen with the academic literacy and critical thinking skills needed for success in university course work. They practice academic reading and writing skills such as annotation summarizing, paraphrasing and outlining, and writing short essays. The students also learn how to do effective research using information sources such as the library databases and Internet search engines.

English 208: Grammar for Writing — 3 units

In this class students review various elements of English grammar, including the proper use of verb forms and tenses, modal auxiliaries, articles and sentence structure and learn to identify and correct these forms in their own writing.

Level Two

English 209: First-Year Composition — 3 units

This course in written communication prepares students for the extended composition and reading tasks of English 215. The focus is on the fundamentals of the composing process and on writing academic prose. Students read articles, essays or books to imporve their critical reading skills as well as to get ideas for their compositions. Students also learn heuristics to help them find topics and develop their ideas in writing. The course includes the composing and revising of short essays with emphasis on clarity and adequate supporting information. Grammar review is provided on problematic structures. Repeatable for credit.

English 212: Advanced Grammar for Composition — 3 units

This course is designed as a prerequisite to English 209 and is for students who need to improve the grammatical accuracy of their writing. Based on a CMS adviser’s recommendation, English 212 can be taken at the same time as a composition course (209, 215 and 410). Students write short papers in class and at home in response to selected readings. Grammar review is provided on problematic structures. Students work individually and in small groups on grammatical accuracy and proofreading skills. Repeatable for credit.

English 210: Oral Communication — 3 units

This course meets the GE Segment I requirement for oral communication and focuses on listening and speaking skills. The activities for the course include interviews, small group discussion, whole class discussion, informational and persuasive oral presentations by individuals and by panels and evaluation of oral presentations.

Level Three

English 215: Second-Year Composition — 3 units

This course focuses on the writing and revision of compositions, in the style and form that is required in university coursework. Instruction is focused on essays that synthesize information from outside texts with the students’ own analysis. Students practice critical thinking through critical reading, argumentation and making connections between their ideas and those of outside authors. Students finish the semester with a research paper. Structure is reviewed as necessary. Repeatable for credit.