CMS Placement Test

Fall 2018 CMSPT: TBA


FIRST (1st): Register for the test by completing the CMSPT Registration Form
SECOND (2nd): Pay for the test through SFSU's Testing Center

The purpose of the test is to diagnose the English skills of non-native speakers of English, and students are placed into CMS courses according to their scores on this test.

The CMSPT is offered five times a year, and is administered by the CMSPT coordinator, CMS program coordinator and CMS faculty and staff.

The test has three parts:

  1. Students read a short article and then write a summary of the article.
  2. Students write a composition in response to the article.
  3. Students read an essay and identify grammar errors in a multiple choice format.

The CMSPT takes approximately three hours. Since the test is designed to assess reading, writing and grammar competency, it is not possible to study for the test. The best preparation is to get a good night’'s sleep.

Who Should Take the CMSPT?

All undergraduate and graduate students who want to fulfill their English writing requirements in the CMS program at SFSU must take the CMSPT. This includes:

  • Multilingual students who have been educated predominately in a language other than English.
  • Multilingual students who were enrolled in ESL classes at the last school they attended in the U.S.
  • Multilingual students who believe they could benefit from taking CMS classes, even though they may have previously taken English classes for native speakers.
  • Students with bilingual or multilingual backgrounds who wish to substitute English 410 for English 414.

For more information, visit the CMS office or call 415-338-1320.

How to Register

You must register in two places for the test:

Register Online with the CMS Program Registration Form

To take the Composition for Multilingual Students Placement Test (CMSPT):

  1. You must complete and submit the registration form to the CMS Program.
  2. You must ALSO register and pay for the CMSPT ONLINE at the Testing Center 

When you come to take the CMSPT you must bring:

  1. Your receipt from the Testing Center to show that you registered and paid for the CMSPT.

Important Instructions

You will need your official University ID number before this form can be accepted.

  • This number is the nine-digit number that you used to access Web or Touchtone registration when you signed up for classes.
  • This number is the nine-digit number assigned to you by SFSU when you submitted your application. Check your admissions documents, or call the Admissions Office at 338-1113.
  • This number is the 12-digit number that is on your SFSU photo identification card.

If you have questions about how to complete this form, please call the CMS (Composition for Multilingual Students) Office at (415) 338-1320 before you submit this web form.

Register with Testing Services

On the Testing Services website or in person in the Student Services Building. Register and pay fee.

You will get an e-mail confirmation after completing the first step. Print out your confirmation and bring it with you to the test. You will also get a receipt from the Testing Center, stating that you’ve paid for the test. Bring this with you to the test as well.

Results and Placement

CMSPT course placements will be e-mailed to students two days after the test. Students need to return to the CMS office to sign up for the classes. At this time, students may also meet with a CMS adviser to discuss their placement.