Write to Register for CMS

Write to Register for CMS (formerly known as CMSPT) 

 The purpose of the Write to Register for CMS (registering, completing the Summary and Essay activities and answering the Self Reflection Questions) is to help you evaluate your academic English skills. Then, we will work with you to select the courses in the CMS Program that best meet your individual needs. 

Registering, completing the Summary and Essay activities and the Self Reflection Questions will take about 2-3 hours.

Who should complete the Write to Register for CMS?

All undergraduate and graduate students who want to fulfill their English writing requirements in the CMS program at SF State must complete the Write to Register for CMS. This includes:

  • Multilingual students who have been educated predominately in a language other than English.
  • Multilingual students who were enrolled in ESL classes at the last school they attended in the U.S.
  • Multilingual students who feel they could benefit from taking CMS classes, even though they may have previously taken English classes for native speakers.

What should I do?

All new and incoming international multilingual students will be enrolled in the Write to Register for CMS (iLearn site) when they accept their admission to SF State. If for some reason you do not have access, and need to complete the CMS Online Placement, please email the English Department office (engdept@sfsu.edu)

Some US resident multilingual students may want to take CMS classes. If you have not already completed Write to Register (formerly known as DSP), please contact the English Department (engdept@sfsu.edu). They will enroll you in the Write to Register for CMS (iLearn site).

Placement and Registration for CMS Courses

Please completer your Write to Register for CMS activities by Aug 15, 2018). CMS course placements and recommendations will be e-mailed to students by Aug 20, 2018. You can sign up online for the recommended classes or in person with the Advising office. At this time, students may also meet with a CMS adviser to discuss their CMS course recommendations.


If you have questions, please visit the CMS office (HUM 482) or email us (engdept@sfsu.edu)