Department Committees

2018-2019 English Department Committees (7/27/18)

(All standing committee terms are three years except for staff and lecturers who hold one-year terms)

English Advisory Committee
Name Year
Robert Kohls 2020
Sugie Goen-Salter (Chair) 2019
Geoffrey Green  2021
Lawrence Hanley  2019
Loretta Stec  2019
Joan Wong 2019

Ex-officio: P. Abeywickrama, CMS; D. Olsher, TESOL; W. Christmas, Lit; J. Trainor, Comp.; J. Lederer, Ling.; J. Gilligan, English Ed; Neil Lindeman, TPW


Faculty Support and Mentoring Committee
Name Year
Kathleen De Guzman 2021
Esther Chan 2021
Robert Kohls 2021
Neil Lindeman   2021
Lynn Motai (co-chair) 2021
Martha Rusk  2021
Taylor Fredericks 2021
Maricel Santo (co-chair)  2021


Lecturer Hiring, Appointments and Evaluation Committee
Name Year
Sarita Cannon 2019
Anastasia Smirnova 2021

Ex-officio: P. Abeywickrama, CMS; D. Olsher, TESOL; W. Christmas, Lit; J. Trainor, Comp.; J. Lederer, Ling.; P. Morris, English Ed; Neil Lindeman, TPW


Nominations and Elections Committee
Name Year
Michelle Weiss 2021
Wai-Leung Kwok  2021
David Olsher (chair) 2019
Jennifer Trainor  2019


Retention Committee
Name Year
Wai-Leung Kwok 2021
Julie Paulson 2021
Priyanvada Abeywickrama 2020


Students and Alumni Committee
Name Year
Priyanvada Abeywickrama  2021
Mark Roberge 2021
Summer Star (chair) 2021

Still needed:  1 grad student, 1 undergrad, 1 alum


Tenure and Promotions Committee
Name Year
Maricel Santos 2021
Jennifer Trainor 2021
Meg Schoerke 2021
Larry Hanley 2021


Tenure-Track Hiring Committee
Name Year
Robert Kohls 2021
Anastasia Smirnova 2021
Jenny Lederer 2021
Jennifer Trainor 2019
Jen Mylander 2021

Ex-officio: S. Goen-Salter


English Curriculum Committee
Name Year
Kathleen DeGuzman 2020
Angela Jones 2020
Sarita Cannon (chair) 2019
Jennifer Mylander 2021
Meg Schoerke  2021
Summer Star    2019

Ex-officio: P. Abeywickrama, CMS; P. Abeywickrama, TESOL; P. Morris,Eng. Ed.; W. Christmas, Lit; J. Trainor, Comp; J. Lederer, Ling.


Program Coordinators
Name Program
Jennifer Trainor Composition
Mark Roberge Graduate Composition
Bill Christmas Literature
Julie Paulson Graduate Literature
Paul Morris Education
Priya Abeywickrama CMS 
Priya Abeywickrama TESOL
Jenny Lederer Linguistics
Jennifer Trainor 1st and 2nd Year Composition
Priya Abeywickrama CMSPT
Neil Lindeman TPW


CMS Committee
Priya Abeywickrama
Barbara Cooper
Lisa Heyer
Lyn Motai
Eva Opalka  
Mary Warden   


Graduate Literature Curriculum Committee
Julie Paulson (chair)
Geoffrey Green
Sara Hackenberg
Gitanjali Shahani   

Student Representatives: TBD

Ex-officio:  W. Christmas, Lit.


TESOL Committee
Priya Abeywickrama
Robert Kohls
David Olsher
Maricel Santos


University Committee for Written English Proficiency (Academic Senate)
Name Position
Paul Morris English Education
Priyanvada Abeywickrama CMS
Jennifer Trainor Composition Cooridnator's Designee