Technical & Professional Writing Alumni

About the Alumni Chapter

The Alumni Chapter is a work in progress. That means that you can help define the purpose of the chapter and how it serves its members. Here's our working Mission Statement:

The Technical and Professional Writing Alumni Chapter of the SF State Alumni Association is open to both students and alumni. The organization aims to provide and maintain a mutually beneficial link between the TPW program and the world of the professional technical writer. Benefits are designed to enhance the student’s academic experience and transition into employment and to help keep the alum in touch with the TPW community and emerging technologies.

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  • Access to all CSU libraries.
  • Bookstore discount.
  • Group services like health care and credit union (great for freelancers!)
  • Many more — see the Alumni Association benefits page for details. 

Stay in Touch

  • Stay in touch with former classmates: a network of TPW grads is the perfect complement to a TPW degree!
  • Stay in touch with the TPW program. Not only are there abundant opportunities to share yourself with others, but you can keep your finger on the pulse of the industry as well.


TPW Alumni Chapter Committee

Have specific questions about the TPW alumni chapter? Ask the committee!

TPW Informational Interview Contacts

These alumni have volunteered to be a mentoring resource for students, prospective students and recent graduates:

In the Loop

There are a few ways to stay in the communication loop. The list below shows the ways you can stay informed of TPW happenings. If you’re a TPW student or graduate, you’re welcome to participate in either or both of the mailing lists.

TPW Alumni Chapter List-serve

The TPW alumni chapter has a list-serve to serve current and future members. To subscribe, please e-mail TPW with your name and e-mail address.

TPW Job Leads List

Professor Lu Rehling maintains a list of advanced students and recent graduate who want to know about entry-level job leads received by the TPW program. In addition to job leads, this list will keep you informed of events and other important TPW-related messages. Please email TPW with your name and e-mail address to subscribe to the list-serve.

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