Important Course Changes for Fall 2019 Registration

There are two major course changes (effective Fall 2019) that will affect several students, including English majors, going forward. Many of our lower-division GE courses have been combined into one variable-topics course number: ENG 250. And many of our upper-division Global Literatures courses have been combined into another variable-topics course: ENG 640. 
Both of these courses can be repeated for credit as long as you take different topics (no more than four times). You can also take multiple sections of the same course concurrently as long as they are different topics. The full list of the former course numbers can be found on the Course Classification Guide.

Redesigned Bachelor's Degree - Fall 2019

Specific Information coming soon!

UG Overview

The English Department at SF State provides opportunities for students to study in a variety of subfields that make up the English major. Join us and become part of a racially, linguistically and culturally diverse community of learners engaging in dialog between our histories and experiences, and new ideas and literacies.

Interested in changing the world by inspiring and teaching the next generation of critical readers and writers? In the English Education program, students will develop the subject matter knowledge needed to enter credential programs and become an English language arts teacher at the secondary level.

Interested in human language and how we communicate with one another? In the Linguistics program, students will acquire the tools to discover how language structures the way we think and communicate with others and be well prepared for advanced graduate work and/or careers in the tech industry, government and research, translation, forensics, lexicography or advertising.

Interested in the power of literature to expand our minds, to tell us about ourselves and the collective human experience? In the Literature program, students will delve deeply into historically grounded study of English literatures from around the world and become skilled readers and thoughtful critics well prepared for advanced graduate work and/or careers in teaching, public relations, law, advertising or business.

Interested in how writing can be designed, produced and read to persuade, inform and enlighten? In the Professional Writing and Rhetoric major, students will master the written communication, design and editing skills for employment in almost every field of industry and public life, including technology, business, government and research, and non-profit organizations.

We also have minors in English and American Literature, Linguistics, and Technical and Professional Writing.