Composition Graduate Admission Procedures


Part I: Application to Graduate Studies:

  • Complete an online application with Graduate Studies through Cal State Apply. NOTE: Do not submit your Statement of Purpose to Graduate Studies, as it will be included with the materials you send to the department. On page 9 of the Graduate Studies Application, simply state that your personal statement has been sent directly to the English Department.
  • Send one set of transcripts from all colleges attended to Graduate Studies.

The phone number for Graduate Studies is (415) 338-2234.

Part II: Application to the English Department:

Send the following materials together in one package directly to the English Department, M.A. Composition:

  • CV/Resume detailing your prior experience.
  • A 1-2 page typed statement of purpose.

Please write a statement of purpose in which you do the following:

  • Explain your interest in pursuing the degree.
  • Describe prior experiences (work, volunteer, education) which led you to have an interest in this program.
  • Describe strengths and qualifications that you have which will help you succeed academically in this program.
  • Explain interpersonal skills that you have which will help you participate effectively in the interactive and collaborative learning environment of graduate seminars.
  • Explain how you anticipate this program contributing to your overall professional growth. 

    In addition, be sure that your statement of purpose demonstrates your ability to produce clear, cogent, and polished prose. 

  • One or more writing samples (totaling approximately 10+ pages double-spaced) that demonstrate your ability to write clear, logical, and thoughtful prose that will be appropriate for graduate-level work. Recent writing samples of academic writing are preferred; however, professional writing samples area also allowable if you do not have recent samples of academic writing. Please include a statement with your signature that certifies that the writing sample is your own.
  • One set of official transcripts from all colleges attended.
  • Two letters of recommendation that speak to your academic potential and your potential as an educator.

These documents should be on file in the English Department no later than March 15 for fall admission, or November 1 for spring admission. International applicants should submit their materials by January 1 for fall admission or September 1 for spring admission.