ECOLE Members

Lab members are SF State students who come from diverse backgrounds and bring to the table their expertise in computer science, data analysis, linguistics, and psychology.

Lab director

Anastasia Smirnova, Assistant Professor

Professor Smirnova’s primary research focus is on the grammar architecture and the structure of the lexicon (e.g. the relation between verbs and nouns in language), as well as how temporal and modal information is expressed in language. Her research employs a variety of methods, from fieldwork to experimental and corpus studies.

You can contact Professor Smirnova via email at

Lab members

Emily Downey

Emily Downey is an undergraduate linguistics student at San Francisco State University. Her interests include morphology, second language acquisition, and syntax, with a growing interest in natural language processing. She is currently learning how to use Python within the scope of corpus linguistics and has hopes of going into a career in computational linguistics.

Maxwell Goodwin

Maxwell Goodwin is an undergraduate student at San Francisco State University, majoring in linguistics. Specifically, he is interested in phonology and historical linguistics. His focus is on the Germanic language family.

Chohee Kim

Chohee Kim is a senior studying computer science at San Francisco State University. Her academic interests span both natural language processing and information retrieval. Her most current project centers on analyzing big data, text processing, and machine learning to provide a better and more accurate information from search.

Alexander Lenarsky

Alexander Lenarsky, a French and Linguistics undergraduate student at San Francisco State University, has researched prenominal adjective ordering and the language positivity bias alongside Professor Anastasia Smirnova. His current research uses queer theory to explain how (and why) gay men employ sexting as a method of resistance. Lenarsky is particularly interested in minority language advocacy and preservation, and looks forward to applying his skills to the field. 

Jasmine Rivero

Jasmine Rivero is an undergraduate student majoring in linguistics who is planning on continuing her graduate studies in this field at SF State. Her interests in linguistics are varied and include first and second language acquisition as well as multilingualism and its influences on syntax, word choice, and morphology. Her interest in these areas has been influenced by her own bilingual upbringing in multilingual communities. In her free time, she is learning about computational linguistics and natural language processing with Python.

Ricardo Romero Sanchez

Ricardo Romero Sanchez is a Linguistics graduate student at San Francisco State University. He has assisted in research on prenominal adjective ordering led by Professor Anastasia Smirnova. He has taught English and Spanish since 2008. His main interests are SLA, speech processing and machine learning.

Olivia Vallejo

Olivia Vallejo is a fourth year undergraduate student at San Francisco State University. She is a linguistics major, and she is interested in computational linguistics. She plans do continue her education within the field once she finishes her undergraduate education.