English GE Courses for Fall 2019 - Sign Up Now!

Monday, April 22, 2019 - 10:23

Want to satisfy your GE Area C requirement? Take English 250!

Fall 2019 topics to choose from:
ENG 250.01: American Literature with Prof. Sarita Cannon  
ENG 250.02: Contemporary Literature with Prof. Martha Klironomos
ENG 250.03: The Novel in English with Prof. Martha Klironomos
ENG 250.04: Introduction to Shakespeare with instructor TBA
ENG 250.05: Popular Drama and Social Critique with Prof. Julie Paulson
ENG 250.06: The Lyric Poem in English with Prof. Meg Schoerke
ENG 250.07: The Eco-Gothic in Literature and the Arts with Prof. Mary Soliday

Or if you’re looking for an Area D course, check out English 122:

ENG 122.01: The Evolution of Language in the Digital Age, with Prof. Jenny Lederer
Questions? Come ask the English Department in HUM 484 or email engdept@sfsu.edu