Writing Program Events and Professional Development

Thursday, August 1, 2019 - 08:00

Check here for dates and details about the English Department's redesign of the undergraduate writing classes. You can learn more by listening to our webinar and podcast series, This is Writing, found on our portfolium site here:  https://portfolium.com/EnglishComp/portfolio


News and Upcoming Events:

1.  Please join us on May 7 at 2:00 p.m. for a webinar with Asao Inoue , the author of several articles and books on contract grading.  We will have Asao live on the big screen in the conference room. You are free to join us in-person or via Zoom.  The Zoom link can be found here.

  • If you are teaching or holding office hours during this event, please consider cancelling or moving office hours, or giving students an in-class activity to do while you step out to participate in the webinar.
  • To get ready for the webinar, please see our shared annotation site, The Marginal Syllabus, where you can read Asao's book and his CCCC keynote address, and where you can post questions/comments.   
  • For more information about The Marginal Syllabus, please email Dan Curtis-Cummins at dcc123@sfsu.edu


2. CEETL has invited us -- yes all of us! -- to attend a two-day institute on May 30 and 31. Participants will be paid $500.  The Institute is focused on first-year students, and will be collaborative, with many opportunities for sharing your expertise. Info and registration below: 

CEETL Institute

3.  The English Department Conference will be Friday May 10th.  We'll have a session on contract grading, and we are putting together a panel that will showcase lower-division student work.  If you have students who might be interested in sharing their final Portfolium pages or projects, please let me know.  Please also consider submitting a proposal (the deadline has been extended). 

4. Kitty Quinn is retiring at the end of this year. We are holding Kitty Appreciation Days on May 13th - 17th, and a reception in her honor on May 15th at 4:00pm in the Department office. During the Appreciation Days, please feel free to stop by and tell Kitty what she has meant to you, drop off cards, etc. 

5. I am looking for three teachers to help me this summer and next year with professional development planning.  The pay is $1500.  The work, and the application process, are below:

Plan Back-to-school Workshops and In-Service Professional Development Days for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. 

  • Work with me to develop workshop content; 
  • Recruit teachers to present;
  • Help with scheduling and logistics.

Plan Webinars and Podcasts for 2019-20

  • Work with me to develop webinar and podcast themes and content;
  • Recruit teachers to participate;
  • Help with scheduling, logistics, and production.

Plan and support three Learning Circles for 2019-20

  • Work with me to develop learning circle themes and content
  • Recruit teachers to join LCs and rotate leading them;
  • Help with scheduling and logistics. 

To apply: Please send an email to me with a paragraph indicating your interest in one or more of the positions above. List your participation in this year's PD, and any skills or expertise you would bring to the position. 




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