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English Faculty Manual

A copy of the most recent comprehensive Faculty Manual (PDF), delineating everything from: parking places to keys to university governance to where to contact your union representative...

Faculty & Student Guidebook to Petitions Process

Please refer to this guidebook, Faculty & Student Guidebook to Petitions Process (PDF), to learn about the process for most commonly used petitions. This includes, but is not limited to: withdrawals, grade changes, WUs, waiver petitions and more. See page 2 for the table of contents.

We hope you will find this as a useful reference to refer to when you are trying to figure out how to handle petitions and grading. 

If you still have questions or concerns, please contact:

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Classroom Facility Needs:

Building Coordinators
Building Coordinator Phone Email
Creative Arts (CA) Steve Lahey (415) 338-7772 slahey@sfsu.edu
Fine Arts (FA) Rozan Soleimani (415) 338-7393 rozan@sfsu.edu
Humantities (HUM) John Cleary (415) 338-1066 jcleary@sfsu.edu
Business (BUS) Janet Remolona (415) 338-1276 jiremolo@sfsu.edu
Burke Hall (BH) Cathy Lai (415) 405-4179 cathylai@sfsu.edu
Ethics & Psychology (EP) Jacob Cable (415) 338-2714 cablejac@sfsu.edu
Heath & Social Sciences (HSS) Samantha Ward (415) 338-3330 skward@sfsu.edu
Hensil Hall, Thorton Hall, & Science (HH, TH, SCI) Michael Fong (415) 338-2385 mfong@sfsu.edu
Gymnasium (GYM) Charles Guthrie (415) 338-7567 charlesg@sfsu.edu