Faculty Guides

Faculty Affairs & Professional Development's Faculty Manual

A copy of the most recent comprehensive Faculty Manual (PDF) from Faculty Affairs, delineating everything from: parking places to keys to university governance to where to contact your union representative...

English Department's Faculty FAQ Handbook

English Department FAQ Faculty Handbook - Compiled by the English Department Faculty Support and Mentoring Committee

Faculty & Student Guidebook to Petitions Process

Please refer to this guidebook to learn about the process for most commonly used petitions. This includes, but is not limited to: withdrawals, grade changes, WUs, waiver petitions and more. See page 2 for the table of contents. We hope you will find this as a useful reference to refer to when you are trying to figure out how to handle petitions and grading.

If you are just looking for information on W's and WU's, please see the page above for a short description and instructions.


If you still have questions or concerns, please contact:

Step-by-Step Guides to:

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Classroom Facility Needs:

Building Coordinators
Building Coordinator Phone Email
Creative Arts (CA) Steve Lahey (415) 338-7772 slahey@sfsu.edu
Fine Arts (FA) Rozan Soleimani (415) 338-7393 rozan@sfsu.edu
Humantities (HUM) John Cleary (415) 338-1066 jcleary@sfsu.edu
Business (BUS) Janet Remolona (415) 338-1276 jiremolo@sfsu.edu
Burke Hall (BH) Cathy Lai (415) 405-4179 cathylai@sfsu.edu
Ethics & Psychology (EP) Jacob Cable (415) 338-2714 cablejac@sfsu.edu
Heath & Social Sciences (HSS) Samantha Ward (415) 338-3330 skward@sfsu.edu
Hensil Hall, Thorton Hall, & Science (HH, TH, SCI) Michael Fong (415) 338-2385 mfong@sfsu.edu
Gymnasium (GYM) Charles Guthrie (415) 338-7567 charlesg@sfsu.edu