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Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

American literature and culture from the revolutionary period to the early twentieth century, the literature of the English Enlightenment, modern literary theory and criticism, and British and American women writers of the nineteenth century Professor Voloshin has taught over twenty different courses at San Francisco State University. She is the editor of American Literature, Culture, and Ideology: Essays in Memory of Henry Nash Smith (1990); author of the chapter on Poe's literary theory in A Companion to Poe Studies (1996); and author of articles on American literature and on theory, including "Strange Attractors: iterature and the Poststructural Field" and "The Ethical Turn in French Postmodern Philosophy." Professor Voloshin serves as editor of special issues for Pacific Coast Philology, and has edited the issue on literature and the history of the book (2005) and is working on the issue on transoceanic dialogues. Recently she has done research on George Eliot's use of the legend of Medusa and on Melville's reading in ancient philosophy; recent presentations include "'It's a Witch Thing': Violence, Conjure, and the Sacred in Uncle Tom's Cabin"; "With Child: 'The Yellow Wall-paper'; and "Charles Chesnutt's 'The Goophered Grapevine' and Secret History." Before coming to San Francisco State University, Professor Voloshin was an assistant professor of English at the University of Rochester and a founding member of the Program in Women's Studies. She has been a faculty associate at the Beatrice Bain Institute at UC Berkeley and a participant in the Summer Research Seminars at UC Berkeley and has served on the Executive Committee of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association.At San Francisco State University, Professor Voloshin has served as graduate coordinator for the literature program, president of the Friends of Leonard Library, organizer of the History of the Book Colloquia, campus director of the California Pre-Doctoral Program, and faculty coordinator of the Office of Academic Honors and Scholarships.