TPW Advising

You are always welcome to come in for advising about your course of study and career planning. However, based on University policy, there are three times during your progress through our program when you must seek advising.

  • First: The semester you enter the program. This should be when you take our “Fundamentals” course and/or when you declare yourself as a major, minor, or certificate student. At this session, we will set up an advising worksheet for your file. The focus of this session will be on reviewing program requirements, discussing your career interests and identifying a tentative schedule and electives.
  • Second: The semester before you enroll in any completion-level (600-range) TPW course work. At this session we will review your progress in the program, update your advising worksheet accordingly and discuss selection and scheduling of remaining course work.
  • Third: When you petition for graduation or apply for a certificate. At this session we will do a final review of your portfolio of writing samples and discuss career plans and professional development options.