Writing Program Faculty Spotlights

Meet some of our dedicated Writing Program faculty!

Writing Program Faculty

Andrea Schriner Kellogg

Schriner Kellogg, Andrea

"In my course, I try to balance personal and academic growth. Students interact with a variety of content meant to support and inspire them on their first-year college student journey. We explore the science behind how people create habits and the traits behind successful people. We research helpful resources available on campus and related to students’ major, connect with programs and movements that align with their own values, and use design theory to map out multiple visions for their dream futures."

Lee Chen-Weinstein

Lee Chen-Weinstein

"In response to our transition to online instruction due to COVID, Lee decided to update their A2 course design, placing emphasis on shorter, more streamlined writing assignments to reflect the challenges our students might face with remote learning. Though they've previously had success with a personal memoir essay to open the semester, Lee began this semester with two short assignments—a reflection paper and a letter assignment—that challenge students' writing and thinking without overwhelming them or leaving them feeling lost. Lee's approach offers a valuable window into how we can elegantly and thoughtfully transform pedagogy with students in mind."

AAPI Cross-Racial Alliance Resource Board

Arising from our April AAPI Listening Forum, this AAPI Cross-Racial Alliance Resource Board represents student and faculty voices. Here, we respond to acts of Asian/AAPI Violence and Hate with strategies, commitments, and solidarity.

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