Multilingual Students and GWAR

Who is a Multilingual Student?

A multilingual student is one for whom English is their second language and who most likely do not speak English at home.

What is GWAR?

GWAR stands for Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement. This is a requirement that must be fulfilled by all juniors at all CSUs.

How can I fulfill my GWAR? 

All students can fulfill the GWAR by taking a writing-intensive course in their majors. Visit your department website or office for more information about the GWAR class in your major.

Attention GWAR Instructors

If you have multilingual students in your GWAR class who need writing and grammar support, the Composition for Multilingual Students (CMS) Program has several options to offer.

English 212

An advanced grammar and editing for writing course, including GWAR. The Eng 212 course offers intruction and practice in editing their writing for grammar accuracy.

English 217

Equivalent to English 216, English 217 offers multilingual students instruction and practice in basic essay writing and research skills. Recommended for ML students in lieu of English 216, or as a review course for those who have completed this requirement, but could use more practice in fundamental writing skills. Students may take this course in preparation for their GWAR, or other upper-division writing-intensive courses.

We encourage you to recommend these courses to your multilingual students who would benefit from writing and language preparation before or during their GWAR course. Students who wish to take one or more of these classes should come by or email the CMS Office in HUM 482.

With your recommendation, GWAR students will be able to add a CMS class.