CMS TA Application

Volunteer in the Composition for Multilingual Students (CMS) program (TA or Tutor)

If you are a MA TESOL graduate student you can volunteer to be a Teaching Assistant or Tutor in the CMS program.

Serving as a Teaching Assistant (TA) is required for English 726 and English 732, and is optional for English 707

If you plan to take any of these courses next semester and need to (or want to) work in an ESL class in the Composition for Multilingual Students (CMS) Program on campus, you should start the process of finding a class and a mentor teacher this semester.

If you wish to work off campus, consult with the relevant MA TESOL course instructor.

Courses you could assist in
CMS Course Description Requirements to serve as TA

ENG 201/202

Accelerated Academic English

Note:  TA’s are selected for the entire academic year.

ENG 204

Academic Literacy Skills

You should be enrolled in or have completed 732.

ENG 209

Writing the First Year