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Do I need to take a First-Year Writing Course?

  • Every student needs to fulfill the A2 requirement for General Education, and a First-Year Writing course will fulfill this requirement. Some students are exempt through AP or IB credit. If you are unsure if you need to take an A2 course, please speak to an academic advisor.

Do I have to fulfill the General Education Area A2 Requirement?

  • Yes

What if I started at SFSU before Fall 2019?

  • If you started at SFSU before Fall 2019, then you need to take A2 and A4 (rather than A2 and E) If you enrolled at SFSU before 2019 and want to take courses designed for multilingual speakers, then you need Eng 209 for A2 (for multilingual speakers) and 215 to satisfy the Area A4 general education requirement.

What if I have Transfer Credit for Area A2?

  • If you have transfer credit for Area A2 of general education, either through certain AP credit, IB credit, or college credit from another institution, you do not have to take an area A2 class. If you think you might have the requirement fulfilled, be sure to double check with an academic advisor to make sure.