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The Bard Explained: Understand a Speech as Shakespeare's Audience Would Have


Lederer, Jenny Jenny Lederer
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The Linguistics program at SF State offers B.A..and M.A. degrees which provide students with a solid grounding in the tools of language analysis. At the undergraduate level, students begin to explore the patterns of sounds, words, sentences and conversations in a variety of languages and speech communities. What similarities are found between English, Spanish, and Swahili, for example? What patterns do Turkish and Japanese share? How can you characterize the difference between “empty” and “hollow,” when the dictionary lists them as synonyms? How do conversations among teenagers in San Francisco differ from conversations among 40-year-olds?

Students interested in any field involving language analysis — including but not limited to law, education, anthropology, sociology, psychology and linguistics — benefit from preparation in examining language data with the rigorous methods of the discipline. Students who plan to teach language gain a valuable background in the structure of English along with a deeper understanding of how languages are acquired. Undergraduate majors are encouraged to take courses in other languages as well as courses investigating language from the perspectives of other fields, such as speech and communication, psychology, computer science and anthropology.

Students Starting Fall 2019: Requirements & Courses

  • Core Requirements (24 Units)
    • Lower-Division (6 Units)
      • ENG 218 - Writing the First Year: The World, the Text, and You (3 units)
      • ENG 250 - Topics in Literature and Culture (3 units)
    • Upper-Division (18 Units)
      • ENG 402 - Introduction to Professional Writing and Rhetoric (3 units)
      • ENG 420 - Introduction to the Study of Language (3 units)
      • ENG 461 - Literature in English Since 1800 (3 units)
      • ENG 480GW - Junior Seminar - GWAR (3 units)
      • ENG 583 - Shakespeare: Representative Plays (3 units)
      • ENG 640 - Global Texts and Practices (3 units)
  • Concentration Requirements (21 Units)
    • Required Courses (9 units)
      • ENG 421 - Syntax (3 units)
      • ENG 424 - Phonology and Morphology (3 units)
      • ENG 425 - Langauge in Context (3 units)
    • Elective (9 units)
      • Three courses selected with approval of advisor.
    • Capstone Experience (3 units)
      • ENG 422 - History of the English Language

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Link to pre-approved electives list for Linguistics majors

Continuing Majors (Pre-Fall 2019): Requirements & Courses

The following are requirements for a B.A. in English with concentration in Linguistics for students who declared their major and began instruction before Fall of 2019.

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