Mission Statement

What if you could be globally engaged through the study of diverse texts and language practices? What if you could be in classes that combine analysis and imagination? What if your education could be a collaborative intellectual experience?

The English Department consists of vibrant and interdisciplinary programs to study communicative practices of cultures and writers all over the world. Our courses, whether on major literary authors or in fields such as Digital Humanities and World English(es), reflect our commitment to the study of English in global contexts. Our student-centered classrooms offer opportunities to use multiple technologies, modalities, genres, and theoretical frameworks to read critically the word and the world around us, with an eye toward writing the future.

By gaining self-reliance, empathy, and intellectual focus, our students go on to become teachers, writers, entrepreneurs, publishers, content designers, attorneys and activists, exciting careers that draw on their analytic skills and their humanistic values.  In addition to shepherding the next generation of critical thinkers into diverse career paths, the English Department also creates exponential change by preparing engaged and effective educators for tomorrow’s diverse classrooms.