Room Reservations

Rooms Controlled by English

Please use our online scheduling system to reserve rooms HUM 481, 485, and 400A. Computer Labs HUM 401 and 403 can also be reserved. If your desired time does not appear on the calendar, then it means the time slot has already been booked.

Book a Room

*These rooms are available for reservation for Department of English faculty and staff only. Faculty and/or staff need to be present for HUM 485 & HUM 481*


To reserve HUM 485 or HUM 481 - Faculty responsible need to e-mail Faculty/staff must be present during event.


** If your event includes food or beverages, you are required to clean up after your event.** 


One-Time Classroom Requests - Rooms not controlled by English

Please provide the following information to request a one-time classroom request*: 

  • Event Title:
  • Date:
  • Begin/End Time:
  • Room Capacity:
  • Yes/No for Enhanced AV:
  • Other information pertinent to your request (e.g: reserving multiple rooms, having a preferred room/building, etc.):


*Classrooms other than HUM 401 & HUM 403