Second Year Composition (Pre-Fall 2019)

For continuing students who entered SF State prior to Fall 2019:

ENG 214/ENG 215, or an approved SF State alternative, should be taken prior to completion of 60 semester units by all continuing students who have not received credit for an equivalent test or course (Pre-Fall 2019). For information about approved Second Year Composition equivalents, please visit

  • Successful completion of First Year Composition (ENG 114, ENG 104/105 or an approved Composition for Multilingual Students course) is a prerequisite to ENG 214, 215, or one of the approved SF State alternatives.
  • Any one of our First Year Composition courses and Second Year Composition courses may not be taken concurrently. ABC/NC grading is used in all courses.
  • Consult the online Class Schedule for the complete list of approved Second Year Composition alternative courses. In the Course Abbreviation section choose “English Comp Requirement, 2nd Year.”
  • Students who have passed for credit the CSU English Equivalency Examination or who have received scores of 3, 4, or 5 on the College Board Advanced Placement Examination in English will receive six units of college credit and are exempt from the ENG 114 and ENG 214 course requirements.

Important Note: Critical thinking courses taken at community colleges typically fulfill SF State’s Critical Thinking requirement. However, they typically do not fulfill SF State’s Second Year English requirement.


For those who elect to fulfill the second year composition requirement by taking ENG 214, there are four formats to choose from:

  • Traditional classroom sections geared towards students who learn best by actively interacting with peers/instructor in person, and those who prefer a range of interactive class activities to them understand course content and assignment requirements.
  • Hybrid sections which meet less frequently during the week but require more self-directed online work. These sections are appropriate for motivated, independent students with the sufficient self-discipline to manage their own workload and regular assignments on a weekly basis. To register for hybrid sections, search for "hybrid" under course attributes.
  • Community Service Learning sections which integrate academic concepts and service work in the community. These sections are geared towards students who want an active, real-world learning experience focused on learning from and with community partners. To register for hybrid sections, search for "service learning" under course attributes.
  • Fully Online Sections  require the most self-discipline, motivation, and independence. Students should be able to meet multiple weekly deadlines through advanced time management skills and be comfortable with technology, asking questions, and collaborating in online environments. To register, search for "fully online" sections under course attributes.