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Sutro Review: SF State Journal for Undergraduate Composition is an academic journal edited by graduate students and devoted to publishing undergraduate students at SF State.

Spring 2016 launched our debut issue, featuring student essays from all class levels and a variety of academic disciplines. We showcase a diverse and talented pool of students, as well as the teaching faculty who inspired them; and we're proud to offer this view into the work being done on our campus.

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Sutro Review Volume 5


Dear readers,

We are thrilled to present the fifth annual volume of Sutro Review: SF State Journal for Undergraduate Composition, an academic journal written, edited and produced by SF State students, featuring the writing, photography and artwork of some of our most promising undergraduates. Despite a year when virtually the entire University was remote, the journal had a record number of submissions, making the editors’ job challenging, yet exciting.

Our theme is “Portrait of a Changing World” and 14 student essays cover some of the historic changes we are experiencing right now. We’ve grouped them into three categories: Our Changing Environment, Embracing Identity, and the Third World Liberation Front strikes of 1968, a collection of pieces that explore SFSU’s own history.

All of these articles attempt to explore, investigate, analyze and reflect on parts of our world undergoing significant changes in 2021. Even the pieces on the 1968 strike resonate with today’s rising activism around racism and gender equality (BLM, AAPI, MeToo) that we have witnessed this past year.

Thanks to all my colleagues who encouraged their students to submit, especially Jennifer Beach, Crystal Wong and Jolie Goorjian and a very special thank you to Brian Neumann for his promotion of the journal on social media. Jennifer Trainor, Tara Lockhart and Erin Macke from the English Department were instrumental in their support and finally, we’d like to thank the SF State University Instructionally Related Activities Fund for making Sutro Review possible.

We hope you enjoy the issue! ​


Sutro Review Editors

Faculty Supervisor:

Robin Meyerowitz


Kathy Nguyen

Emily Taylor

Ethan Tran