Tobi Harper

Harper, Tobi


Undergraduate institution: University of California Santa Barbara

Graduated from SFSU: MA in English Literature, Spring 2015

Other related SFSU extracurriculars: Co-Chair of the Graduate Literature Association; Editor-in-Chief of Interpretations, the annual SFSU Graduate Literature Journal, and Chair of Explications, the annual SFSU Graduate Literature Conference

Current Positions: Director of Operations at Red Hen Press, Contributing Editor of The Los Angeles Review, Editor of Quill

During my time at SFSU, I worked at the J. Paul Leonard Library as a student assistant, working my way up through several positions before becoming IT Staff. Just after completing my masters, I moved to Los Angeles to work as a Development Associate at Red Hen Press. My experience as a well-read graduate student, computer tech, co-chair of the GLA, Editor-in-Chief of Interpretations, and Chair of Explications, prepared me for an incredibly challenging non-profit position.

Since beginning at Red Hen Press in July of 2015, I have become Director of Operations, and run the annual Benefit Champagne Luncheon as well as the development, tech, and accounting departments. I also serve as Contributing Editor of The Los Angeles Review and Founding Editor of Quill, a new queer prose publishing series that publishes literary prose by a queer author once per year, chosen by rotating judges through award submissions with a prize of $1,000 and book publication.