Carrie Hechtman

Hectman, Carrie
Lecturer Faculty
(415) 338-3088
Building: Humanities
Room Number: 454
Office Hours: 
Monday: 11:00 am-12:00 pm


I approach teaching with a lot of encouragement and enthusiasm. I enjoy teaching writing, in particular, because there’s no limit to the unique ways people experience the world, so I’m always gaining new insights from the ideas students share. I’m a writer myself -- I write poetry and fiction and have an MFA in creative writing from USF.  In my classes, we work together to build a supportive, collaborative environment where everyone’s voice matters. We use reading and writing as a path to discovering more about each person’s identity as a student, the fascinating ways we use language, and its effects in the world around us. I believe that each student already has everything they need to become a strong academic writer­–life experiences, curiosity, and a motivation to learn. I hope students are inspired by the diverse perspectives and voices they encounter in my classes.