Jennifer Beach

Beach, Jennifer
Lecturer Faculty
(415) 405-2522
Building: Humanities
Room Number: 225


I love teaching at SFSU. My students help me understand the developing environment in which we live, and I have the honor of helping them develop a stronger writerly voice. Ultimately we learn from each other, and this is what makes my career so very rewarding. In my teaching I seek to balance the development of concrete writing and reading skills with support for students engaging their full creative selves. Towards that end I prioritize inquiry, critical thinking and seek to remind myself every day that classrooms are a space where we all learn from each other in an organic human interaction in which we are all seeking consciousness and striving to communicate.


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What my students are saying:

"She actually takes her time teaching" 

"Yes because in this class we are given a well planned out course that always builds off from assignment to assignment. As a class everyone gets involved and participates every day. If you need help in any way it is not difficult to get help from this instructor."

"She really cares about her students succeeding in her class."

"The class was organized in a way that was easy to follow along and comprehend. The topics we discussed were also relevant to my experiences as a person of color which helped inspire my investment in it."

"She takes the time and extra steps to make the assignments and tasks easy to understand."

"I enjoyed the course and I have become a much better writer because of it."