John Holland

Holland, John
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I don’t think that becoming a writer is any more magical than becoming a good musician, yogi or juggler.  It just takes practice and persistence.  The magical part is that you just like doing it. You like to write, you like to dance, you like to juggle.  To get good, you have to work at it.

I’ve learned much about teaching by the way I’ve learned to function in a couple of my hobbies: playing music and juggling.  In my classes I focus on helping my students develop similar habits and behaviors that can lead to success in university.   So I focus my classes on practice, then performance, on good habits, then success.


What my students are saying:


"I'm very proud of my long formed research essay because it simulated an actual research throughout the whole semester rather than having a one week deadline to finish the work. It really allowed me to take my time and explore my topic."


"The cumulative assignments in this online writing class made me more focused and engaged and (especially the assignments on Eli), helped me to grasp concepts and I was surprised because it is difficult to teach a student without actually having a professor in front of the room teaching the subject. And because of this consistency, my writing has changed for the better."

"Most classes in the past that I had taken would only write once a month or a couple months. While this course had me writing constantly and keeping me in the right mindset when it came to writing."


"Since we had to complete a writing assignment every week and revise those assignments at the end of the week, I have had ample opportunity to practice putting my ideas into words. Now, at the end of the semester, I have noticed a significant decrease in the time that it takes me to think of what to write and putting it down, in a way that I like. Not only do the words flow out of me more easily than before, but it comes out in a more organized and coherent way, instead of just many thoughts strung together."


"Overall the process of Eli Review (peer learning) was very different then a lot of online classes and had you doing something almost every day of the week and it has helped me become a stronger writer, reader, and less of a procrastinator."


"One tip I would give a new student to this course is follow Professor Holland’s motto do something new every day and you will be able to keep up with the course and I know it looks challenging at first it does get easier as the year goes on."


"Professor Holland’s curriculum and teaching technique is very unique to me and useful. He teaches in a way that engages his students to want to do the work and allows them to enjoy it, at least in my case. I think another factor that helped me was that this is my first online English course that I have taken, it has allowed me to open up more and be more confident about my writing because I stay anonymous to my peers. This course helped me go from procrastinating and leaving all of my English assignments till the last moment to doing as much of the assignments ahead of time. Even if my writing is not the best, I am glad I enjoy English because I believe you are better at things if you like them."