Lois Lyles

Lyles, Lois
(415) 338-7411
Building: Humanities
Room Number: 357


Ph.D., Harvard University.

16th C. through modern British and American literature; ethnic and women’s literature Professor Lyles teaches courses on Elizabethan poetry and drama; Jacobean poetry and drama; especially revenge tragedy, modern African-American literature, and modern American fiction. Her research focuses on feminism and women’s material culture, e.g. quilting in the American South; expressions of resistance to feudalism; sexism and colonialism in Japan and Korea, especially, the so-called "comfort women" in Japanese-dominated Korea; and twentieth-century African-American narratology. Her publications include an autobiographical essay in Double Stitch: Black Women Write About Mothers and Daughters (edited by Pat Bell-Scott; Beacon Press, 1991); an essay, "Cancer in the Family," in Wings of Gauze: Women of Color and Health and Illness (edited by Bair & Cayleff; Wayne Sate University Press, 1993), and an essay in Life Notes (edited by Pat Bell-Scott; W.W. Norton, 1994).