Molly Downs

( She/Her/Hers )
Instructional Support Assistants

Hi! I'm Molly. I'm in the second year of my master's program for Linguistics at SF State. I've been teaching TESOL and TEFL for five years now. I started teaching English when I moved to Thailand in 2018. There, I taught primary school students at a public school for almost three years. When I moved back to San Francisco, I continued my career teaching international adult students at an English language school in San Francisco, where I've been teaching ever since. I really enjoy teaching, hearing people's stories, and connecting with my students of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. I'm interested in how languages and variations within languages play a role in expressing both shared and distinct identities, as well as how language enables us to conceptualize abstract ideas. I love to chill in the park, hike around the bay area, and check out local bands in my free time.

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