Trillian Donahue

I began my journey of teaching at an early age and it has remained a passion of mine. Teaching college students is a dream come true for me. My intellectual interests include Video Game Narratology, Video Game Pedagogy, Digital Literacies, Digital Hybridity in Course Design, and making my courses as accessible as possible for the wide range of students we serve.

Sofia De Almeida

I grew up speaking Portuguese, but I was raised in different countries, learning a few more languages in the process. My passion for learning languages naturally evolved into an eager interest in teaching them. After earning a degree in Spanish Literature and Languages from UC Berkeley, I sought to broaden my pedagogical focus to include English, and decided to pursue a Master’s in TESOL here at SFSU.

Jessica Young

Undergraduate institution: Reed College

Graduated from SFSU: MA in English Literature, 2010

Current Employer/Position: Graduate Student, Department of English, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Alden Wood

Undergraduate institution: CSU Long Beach

Graduated from SFSU: MA in English Literature, 2011

Other related SFSU certificates/degrees: MA Humanities, 2013

Current employer/institution and position: Ph.D. Student in English and Critical Theory at the University of California, Irvine