Jeanette Lehn

Program: M.A. English Composition, 2013

Employer & Current Position: Florida State University, Ph.D. Student and Graduate Instructor

Jeanette Lehn is currently in a Ph.D. program for Rhetoric and Composition at Florida State University and is the recent recipient of the Bryan Hall Teaching Award. Her research interests include critical pedagogy, cultural studies, literacy, and written teacher feedback. In addition to her studies, she is a graduate instructor and serves as a mentor to incoming teaching assistants in the College Composition Program at Florida State.

Crystal Wong

Driven by her passion for teaching and learning, Crystal Wong works in a variety of faculty positions at SF State. She is a Lecturer in the English department, an OER [Open Educational Resources] Ambassador with Academic Technology, and a Faculty Fellow with the Center for Equity & Excellence in Teaching & Learning.  Her work includes teaching undergraduate composition courses, mentoring faculty to share best practices, and leading professional development workshops.

Lisa Vicar

Lisa Vicar has been teaching in the CMS Program at SFSU since 1999. She enjoys teaching in all areas of the program, from grammar to literature to intensive English. For her, every semester is another exciting opportunity to learn and grow while helping her students communicate more effectively. She lives by the beach and loves loud music, traveling and being an adventurous mom.