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Amy Latham

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Location: HUM 243

As a fiction writer, I offer as many opportunities as I can for students to apply their creative and personal interests to academic writing. To help make the connection, I encourage students to choose topics that correspond to their identities and interests so that they can interrogate their situated perspectives, identify the factors and conditions that shape their assumptions and convictions, and grapple with alternative views. As a result, I often hear from students that being in my courses has helped them open their minds to new ideas, discover new interests, and prepare for the roles they will play as informed community members and citizens.

Please consult your course syllabus or contact the instructor directly for office hours.

What My Students Are Saying:

"Instead of writing about topics that I usually write about [with] the research paper I got outside my comfort zone and wrote about something that was fairly new to me. She encourages her students to try new things in our writing which I believe helps us become great writer[s]."

"YES! I would [recommend this professor] because she not only tries to make her lesson plans work for all types of students she willingly listens to opinions from her students to better her teaching. She always advertises her office hours as well. Her class isn't boring and I actually make an effort to come."