Jeanette Lehn

Jeanette Lehn

( She/Her/Hers )
Composition Alumnus


Program: M.A. English Composition, 2013

Employer & Current Position: Florida State University, Ph.D. Student and Graduate Instructor

Jeanette Lehn is currently in a Ph.D. program for Rhetoric and Composition at Florida State University and is the recent recipient of the Bryan Hall Teaching Award. Her research interests include critical pedagogy, cultural studies, literacy, and written teacher feedback. In addition to her studies, she is a graduate instructor and serves as a mentor to incoming teaching assistants in the College Composition Program at Florida State.

Prior to enrolling in the Ph.D. program, Jeanette taught first year writing and reading courses at Foothill College, Cañada College, and Contra Costa College, and was part of the dedicated tutor program at the College of Marin. She obtained an M.A. in Composition from San Francisco State University, where she was a finalist for the Distinguished Graduate Student Achievement Award. Jeanette credits the M.A. Composition program at SF State with readying her to be a confident, competent and conscientious instructor of writing and reading courses. She states that she gained a comprehensive understanding of the field of composition which fueled her interest in continuing her education and she hopes to contribute to the field through future research into pedagogical methods. Additionally, she notes the support she received from the faculty and staff in applying for doctoral programs and for teaching positions was an invaluable resource in forwarding her career and creating an identity as a teacher of composition and as a member of the academic community interested in rhetoric and composition.