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Jolie Goorjian

( She/Her/Hers )
Lecturer Faculty
Phone: (415) 338-2129
Location: HUM 523

I’m a  graduate of SF State, where I earned my  undergraduate degrees in French and Geology. At SF State and for a wee bit at the Sorbonne in Paris, I  completed graduate work in Comparative & World Literature. I’m interested in post-colonial literature, especially Anglo-Indian, Franco-Moroccan, and South African writers. I also specialize in curriculum development for writing classes. I’ve been  honored to collaborate with colleagues to create several courses for the Departments of English and Comparative & World Literature (CWL). With Dan Curtis-Cummins, I  co-authored Reading and Writing Your World, an open education source, which is representative of all my classes since they are Zero Cost Course Materials for students.  In my role as Associate Director of Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Discipline with CEETL, I co-created the JEDI Writing PIE Institute, facilitate workshops and work closely with faculty across San Francisco State’s campus. 

Partnering with Project Rebound, I’ve taught first-year writing  to formerly incarcerated students. I’ve created and teach writing with a 20-hour community service learning component. As part of my service, I work with the community of Sunday Streets alongside my students and with my five-year-old son pre-COVID-19. In early March 2020, I took three SF State students to the HERA conference in Chicago; their work From the Outside was also presented in the 2020 LCA Undergraduate showcase.

I’m an UndocuAlly with the Dream Resource Center, a teacher with METRO Academy, and a Critical Active Pedagogy Faculty Advisor and Board Member with the Experimental College (ExCo)

I’ve taught French to middle school students and literature to inmates at San Quentin State Prison through the Prison University Project. I’ve taught French and English to children in Siberia, Russia.  I serve as Co-vice President for the Young Rhetoricians’ Conference.

Please consult your course syllabus or contact the instructor directly for office hours.