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Justin Robinson

( He/Him/His )
Lecturer Faculty
Phone: (415) 338-3090
Email: jrobinso@mail.sfsu.edu
Location: HUM 242

Hello, my name is Justin Robinson. I have been teaching English Composition at San Francisco State University since 2016. Critical thinking and active empathy form the foundation of my class community. These foundational principles can be found in stories. Edmond Jabès (an Egyptian-Jewish writer living in exile most of his life) said: “You open the book and you are opened in the book.” To care deeply about language, in all of its forms, is what my teaching practice is all about. I hold an M.F.A. in Poetry and an M.A. Certificate in Teaching English Composition.

I have been reading bell hooks’ Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom. Her book reaffirms to me that love’s presence shapes classroom communities. Absence of love can lead to disillusionment, depletion, and lack of care. In contrast, presence of love can bring challenge, encouragement, openness, and dependability. Critical thinking that nourishes the self, our classroom community, and the world, is a form of love. Love, when paired with critical thinking, is fundamental, far-reaching, hence its radicalism. Our class theme, Radical Love: Reading and Writing Beneath the Surface, embodies these principles. My teaching methods prioritize globally recognized writers who reflect our course theme. Including influential authors broadens our accountability as critical and compassionate readers and writers. By expanding our understanding of love and critical thinking to hold multiple voices and perspectives we find that all of us have individual and collective stories to tell.

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