Welcome to the 4th Annual LCA Undergraduate Research Showcase. This year's online showcase, like the showcases in previous years, reflects the unique diversity of disciplines with the College of Liberal & Creative Arts, ranging from the humanities to the social sciences, to the creative arts.

This years' showcase stands out in that it takes place at this historical moment, defined by a global crisis. We feel that at times like this it is even more important to come together as a community to celebrate the work and accomplishments of our talented students in the pursuit of knowledge, insight, and wonder.

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English Students

Kaylauna Angeles - Health Promotion & Wellness at SFSU

Aisia Flecther - Bitch Planet - Modernity, Dialectical Materialism and Re-imagining the Feminist Movement

Lauren Baker, Jenna Ferrario, Bettina Paderna, Mikey Pagan, Courtney Sadowski (Group Project - ECOLE Lab) - 'Am Worried': Technology is not ruining the English language

Bonnie Law - So Close Yet So Far

Fareeha Qadir - Searching for a Beginning

Annabelle Stein - Like

Brit Trimble日本語の英語の短い歴史 or A Brief History of English in Japan: A ZIne

May 8, 2019 - Full 2019 Program Information (PDF)

English Students

ENG 122: Language Evolution in the Digital Age (Jenny Lederer)

  • David Kang, Emil Manson, Adriel Tuason, and Zander Sutor - Research Articles and Analytical Video Game YouTube Content
  • Kennedy Haswell, Sabrina Ho, and Mary Austen - Narrative Differences between Asian and white Make-up Tutorialists on YouTube
  • Kirsten Barrow, Ariana Flores, Juliette Koch, Dylan O. Ryan - Social Media Use of Celebrities: A Linguistic Analysis of Instant Popularity
  • Seth Ranaweera, Douglas Linares, Miguel Espinosa - Twitter vs. Twitch: Similarities and Differences among their Emoji (Emotes) Usage

ENG 417: Academic Literacy and the Urban Adolescent (Jim Gilligan)

  • Jihane Abdelhadi, JP Baetiong, Dennis Figeroa, Ana Fuentes, Leonela Mota - Dashka Slater's "The 57 Bus": A Multimedia Presentation
  • Karina Lopez, Octavio Montiel, Maya Showen, Jake Tise - William Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury": A Multimedia Presentation
  • Alizha Batres, Emily Johns, Francisco Martin, Kelly Moreno - James B. Stewart's "Blind Eye": A Multimedia Presentaiton
  • Israel Luisjuan, Sabrina Orea, Lianna Reich, Anthony Vieira - James Baldwin's "If Baele Street Could Talk": A Multimedia Presentation
  • Lexie Jones, Natassja Nguyen, Katherine Rinkenberger, Valarie Vera - Sapphire's "Push": A Multimedia Presenation

ENG 422: History of the English Language Faculty (Troi Carlton)

  • Jacqueline Cao - Etymology of the Word "Pumpkin"
  • Marnee LaBine - Crazy: A Word History
  • Ruth Kopiko - Word Etymology: Culture
  • Zach Brown - The Etymology of "Lit"
  • Cynthia Green - Etymology of the Word "Wisdom"
  • Laura Gutierrez Salazar - Etymology of the Word "Gnarly"
  • Michael Neumann - Characteristically Germanic Elements of English
  • Calvin Toon, Justin Torio - Linguistics: History of English
  • Maria Gonzales - Old English Game
  • Jack Weinstock - The History of English 

ENG 425: Language in Context (Clare Sandy)

  • Jackie Ballesteros - Turn-Taking and Back-Channeling Practices among Male and Female Conmmentors in E-Sports

ENG 462: English Literature (Kathleen De Guzman)

  • Cassandra Irizarry, John Paul Castillo, Kasside Escalante - Poetry and Literature

ENG 680: Applied Coputational Linguistics (Anastasia Smirnova)

  • Michael Chatusripitak, Joey Namgung, Jasmine Rivero - Blunts, Brownies, and Catridges: An Analysis of Twitter Data Sentiment Towards Different Methods of Cannabis Consumption
  • Sabrina Gonzaga, Fungai Gora, Byron Mills, Risha Shah, Diana Yu Yu - Differences in Access and Quality of LARC Information Across US Universities

May 9, 2018 - Full 2018 program information (PDF)

English Students 

ENG 690: The Literature of Food (Gitanjali Shahani)

  • Andrew Selevos - The Recipe: Fuel v. Experience
  • Cielo Garibay - Beggars Can be Choosers
  • Sandra Cho - Novelty Foods
  • Madison Lynn Otis - Addition: Relieving Stress in the Restaurant Industry
  • Andrenne Harbin - Food Deserts &  Commerical Groceries: Illusion of Plenty
  • Kalina Vitela - Food & Immigrant Identities
  • Priscilla Waterhouse - Being Authentic in America
  • Kaili Ferreira - Conventional vs. Vegan Diets
  • Octavio Montiel - Food and Diasporic Identities in a New Homeland
  • Randall Pedersen - Intimacy & Literary Kitchens

ENG 620: Introduction to Computational Linquistics (Anastasia Smirnova)

  • Nathaniel Burke
  • Hayden Kellam
  • Arielle Olszer
  • Luke Dreyer
  • Maxwell Goodwin
  • Michael Chatusripitak
  • Sanghun Namgung
  • Klarissa Carr
  • Stephanee Whiteley
  • Adriana Rodriguez
  • Stephanie Ibarra
  • Hamish Adamson
  • Emily Downey
  • Johnathon Park
  • Olivia Vallejo
  • Jasmine Rivero
  • Skyler Ilenstein
  • Maxwell Goodwin

ENG 420: Introduction to the Stuyd of Language (Jenny Lederer)

  • Alexander Lenarsky
  • Sanghun (Joey) Namgung

ENG 581: Jane Austen (Bill Christmas)

  • Laura Hannibal
  • Rachel Rosenthal
  • Nariman Ayesh
  • Kasside S. Escalante
  • Jessica Fuentes
  • Alejandra Pereda
  • Carrie Siskind
  • Katarina Wagner

ENG 631: Post-Colonial Litertaure in English (Kathleen De Guzman)

  • Regina Rhodes - Negritude in the French Caribbean Beginning in America's Harlem and Cosmopolitanism in European Writing Tradition
  • Leann Christopherson - London's Oppression through Economic Homogeneity and Equality in The Lonely Lodoners
  • Valeria De Santiago - Mary Seacole
  • Isiah Dale - Wounded Masculinity: A Diachronic Study of African-American Masculinity

ENG 461: Literature in English II: 18th and 19th Centuries (Summer Star)

  • Laura Hannibal - Half Sick of Shadows: The Mill on the Floss as a recycling of The Lady of Shalott
  • Rachel Rosenthal - From 'God's Frandeur' to 'Carrion Comfort': A Dynamic Look at Gerard Manley Hopkins as Poet

ENG 417: Academic Literacy and the Urban Adolsecent (Jim Gilligan)

  • Kaili Nicole Ferreira
  • Madison Lynn Otis
  • Kayla Rodriguez
  • Tiffany Hsieh
  • Stanley Ho
  • Brielle Harrison

ENG 425: Language in Context (Clare Sandy)

  • Arielle Olzer - Are We Laughing Yet?: Face Threatening Humor and its Saving Face Strategies

May 11, 2017 - Full 2017 program information (PDF)

English Students

Adapting Shakespeare

  • Christina Skammel, Michael Ruiz, Tiffany Hsieh, Elizabeth Afeworki, Randall Pederson - Law and Order: MOV
  • Vienna Godwin, James Hall, Mimi Willmer, Madison Brady, James Youngs, Safia Msami, Noruel Manalili, Jordan Linsky, Jasmine Campos - Coming Soon: Measure for Measure the Movie
  • Mason Hartwel, Annie Gieser, Myka Macaraeg, Jeremie Storost - Playing the Tempest
  • Cristal Alamillo, Aleesha Lange, Bradley Penner, Viviana Ontiveros, Myah Overstreet, Sydney Andrews, Kayla Rodriquez, Ariana James - Survivor: The Tempest
  • Andrea Rodriquez, Daniel Chiu, Ann Guy, Brittany Burwick, Natasha Forsberg, Fernando Mendoza - Evil in the Mediterranean: A Tale of Love, Jealousy, and Murder in Cyprus

Key Terms in Postcolonial Studies

  • Kaitlyn Nunez, Martha Sebastian, Fernando Mendoza, Colin Donnelly, Herschel Rojas, Octavio Montiel, Sandy Karkkar - Diaspora 
  • Marivic Victoria, Cielo Garibay, Chris Villalta, Adam Matvya, Annie Rhinehart - Cultural Appropriation
  • Diego Gonzalez, Sierra Moreno, Emily Downey, Aisha Rodriquez, Ceneca Jackson - Historiographic Metafiction

Global Shakespeare

  • Carla Suermann - #Shakespearetube. Is YouTube a helpful tool to teach Shakespeare?


  • Madeline Thompson & Oscar Patzan - The Impact of Syntax on TESOL
  • Nicole Michelle Washington - Speech Recognition
  • Andrew O'Connor-Watts & Olivia Vallejo - Whistled Languages
  • Angie Garcia & Amanda Robinson - What Google Books Ngram Corpus Revelas about Adjective Order in English
  • Alex Lenarsky - The Virtual Resistance: Gender Inversion (Just Between us Grrrls)

Annotating Austen

  • Jihane Abdelhadi
  • Sabrina Barton
  • Lupita Cruz Cardenas
  • Arlen Cuevas
  • Nicelle Delos Reyes
  • Cate Dion-Staebell
  • Victoria Ferrari
  • Juan Carcia
  • Rodney Gavino
  • Kyra Heck
  • Elora Hinckley
  • Stephanie Hinckley
  • Jaden Kilmer
  • Lauren Konrai
  • Kendra Lappin
  • Amanda Lee
  • Katherine Lowden
  • LoriAnne Manalo
  • Kayla Marcopulos
  • Serena McNair
  • Ritika Narayanan
  • Arianna Ordonez
  • Amanda Perry
  • Dottie Pratchard
  • Andy Rodriquez
  • Marin Rodriquez