Sofia De Almeida

Sofia De Almeida

( She/Her/Hers )
TESOL Alumnus


I grew up speaking Portuguese, but I was raised in different countries, learning a few more languages in the process. My passion for learning languages naturally evolved into an eager interest in teaching them. After earning a degree in Spanish Literature and Languages from UC Berkeley, I sought to broaden my pedagogical focus to include English, and decided to pursue a Master’s in TESOL here at SF State.

I currently teach academic writing to multilingual students, and I have a lot of fun with it. My research interests include pragmatics, language and identity, and curriculum development, through which I hope to help reshape my students’ identities as confident writers and multicultural individuals, as I continue to reshape mine.

What do I do for fun, besides teaching and studying? I love cooking (used to own a restaurant in southern Spain), I love traveling, taking (analog and 3D pictures of things people usually don’t find interesting, I love animals, 60’s and 80’s music, good coffee, great novels, and stimulating conversations.